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How to ensure your salon style at home

By April 2, 2018Our Blogs

How to ensure your salon style at home – product knowledge

In the salon we quite often hear clients talking about how to up keep their hair at home. Here are a few tips to help you out. We all know salon services can be quite lengthy and sometimes expensive, so why not want the most Long Jevity possible? If your hair is colored, or has received a chemical service it all falls back on the product you use at home. Using a salon professional color care shampoo and conditioner will ensure that you are protecting the color in your hair, which will result in slower fading, high shine, and an overall better appearance. Secondly, for those of you who use a thermal iron on your hair, make a heat protectant your best friend. What this product does is it creates a barrier on your hair, to protect from damage from a curling iron, flat iron, or even blow dryer. Although we all love a gorgeous finished look, without proper care, it can be damaging.
Lastly, how are you washing your hair? With product being a good thing, often times you can receive buildup , or maybe you feel like your hair just doesn’t quite feel the same. How to fix it? You should always shampoo your hair twice before conditioning. The first shampoo is scrubbing off the top layer (I.e products, hairspray etc.) your second wash is cleansing your hair of natural oils and dirt. Shampooing twice before your condition will allow your hair to spring back up, and appear more voluminous, and light weight.

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