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The perfect salon blow-out

By April 2, 2018Our Blogs

The perfect salon blow-out:

As salon professionals, we often get asked how to use a round brush and the proper way to blow dry.  Here are a few simple, styling secrets:   When using a round brush, the first step is choosing the right brush for your hair.  The longer the hair, the bigger the brush.  Now for the real secret:   your hair does not retain shape or hold style until it is about 90% dry.  With this being said, don’t go to your round brush with totally wet hair.  Not only is this a waste of time, you will not be able to achieve your desired look.

a) roughly dry your hair 80 – 90 % with a paddle brush.

b) section hair starting at the nape, make sure the section of hair is no thicker than the diameter of your brush.

c) use tension while wrapping your hair around the brush, this will create a smoother looking style.

d) moving upward towards the crown of your head, keep your sections held at a 45 degree angle.

e) once you begin round brushing the top most sections of your hair, increase your section angle to achieve your desired amount of volume (higher section angle = maximum volume).

f) finish your look off with desired styling products of your choice.


Work with the flow of your brush, not against it.  Have fun with your style, after all, who wants to use a flat iron every day?

The Dye Hard team

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